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Sunday, September 11, 2016

(7.1.11) Idam Na Mama / What does mean by "Idam Na Mama"

इदं न मम / Idam Na Mama / An idea of getting mental peace

Meaning of "Idam Na Mama"/ "इदं न मम"  का अर्थ -
The meaning of "Idam Na Mama" is that  "This is not mine or it does not belong to me." In other words it can be said that whatever exits in this world belongs to God.
The individual must practise this idea or principle in his/her daily life.The things, the property or valuable articles we possess  were once belonged to somebody else, now they are ours and in future they will belong to somebody else. We are not the permanent possessor of anything. We are only the caretaker.
Benefits of having the idea of Idam Na Mama -
The present age which is full of stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, ego  etc., this idea or thought or concept i.e. "Na Idam Mam" can help everyone to live a stress or tension free life. By having this idea in mind one can have happiness and peace of mind and consequently can make progress in every field of life. 
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