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Saturday, September 3, 2016

(8.1) Practical hints for using Remedial Measures / Why to use spirituality remedies

Practical hints for using remedial measures /Importance of Remedial Measures / Remedial measures / What are Remedial Measures / Why to use remedial measures 

Why to Use Spiritual Remedies  
Remedial Measures For Different Problems
Everyone has one problem or the other in this physical world (materialistic world) Hindu scriptures suggest a few remedies or upay to remove (uproot) these problems to a great extent. The remedies are in different forms such as, yagya, mantra, meditation, yog, yantra, charity, fast, service, worship and prayer etc.
If they are properly done (or performed) as per given guide lines, they will give you peace of mind ,show you the right path, fill you with new zeal and help you remove or root out the problems you are facing. You will enjoy and experience positive results as lacs of people have already experienced.    
These measures (upay) or remedies have gone through the test of time. Whereas the question of the proof of their power it is up to the person( practitioner) who uses them having full faith and great patience. For getting better result the person must bear the following shloka in mind -
                 Mantre, Tirthe, Dwije, Deve, Devegya, Bheshje, Guru,
                 Yadrisho bhavana yasya siddhirbhavti tadrisho.
Meaning: The achievement or result is always according to the faith and belief of a person (practitioner) in the mantra, the place of pilgrimage, the Brahmin, the god,the astrologer,the physician(doctor) and the Guru(teacher).
May all be free from diseases,                   
May all realize what is good,
May none be subject to misery.
May all be happy.
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