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Saturday, October 22, 2016

(12.3.4) Pleasures of an old age / How can old be enjoyed

What are the pleasures of an old age ?/ How can we make old age happier ? How can old age be enjoyed ? 

Every age has its own pains and pleasures. So is the case with the old age. One cannot help avoiding the pains of one's old age so it is better for one to enjoy the things what one has and do the things what one can do. By doing the following things, the person can have the pleasures in his/her old age -
> An old person can join some club or social service agency which is dedicated to help others in some way or the other.
> When the person attains the old age, he has had a lot of experience, wisdom and ability to help others.
> An old person can advise others to solve their problems.
> An old person can feel happy to see  his/her grand children making progress in their lives.
> He/she should feel the pleasures of having won the battle of life safely and successfully.
> He/she can enjoy the pleasures of watching other persons continuing their hard work to make the world better.
> An old person can show the right path to the young ones so that they may lead a happy and successful life.
> An old person can be glad by having a feeling that he / she has played his/her role well in the life and has achieved whatever was possible for him/her to achieve through proper and fair means.  

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