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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

(14.1.14) Sansar Mohan Ganesh Kavach / Benefits of Sansarmohan GaneshKavach

What is Sansarmohan Ganesh Kavach ? What are the benefits of Sansarmohan Ganesh Kavach ?

What is Sansar Mohan Kavach - 
Sansarmohan Kavach is is a prayer to Lord Ganesh for the protection of one's body and for the removal of obstacles from one's life. Prajapati is the Rishi of this Kavach. Lambodar Ganesh is the deity of this Kavach. This Kavach has the essence of all other Kavachas.
What are the benefits of reciting Sansarmohan Ganesh Kavach ? -
This Kavach is very excellent and pious. It removes all the obstacles from the life of the person who regularly recites this Kavch with faith and devotion.The person who wears it on his right arm or around his neck, becomes just like Lord Vishnu. Thousands of Ashvamedh Yagya and hundreds of Vaajpey Yagya cannot be equal to this Kavach.
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