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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

(14.5.3) Kanak Dhara Stotra / Benefits of Kanak Dhaaraa Stotra

What is Kanak Dhara Stotra ?What are the Benefits of reciting Kanak Dhara Stotra ? Why was Kanak Dhara Stotra composed? कनक धारा स्तोत्र 

What is Kanak Dhara Stotra -
Kanak Dhara Stotra is a hymn which is dedicated to goddess Laksmi who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. This stotra was composed by Aadi Shankarachary.
The story related to Kanak Dhara Stotra - The story behind the composition of this Kankak Dhara Stotra is as follows -
When Shankarachary was a student, as usual, one day he went to the house of a poor Brahmin woman to beg. The poor woman had nothing to give to Shankarachary. But she was a pious lady and did not want the boy to go away from her house without taking anything. So she gave an Amala fruit (gooseberry) to Shankarachary  and requested him accept it as she has nothing else in the house except this fruit of Amala.
Knowing about the poor condition of the Brahmin woman and her polite behaviour, Shankarachary was very much moved and composed the Stotra in the praise of goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi showered the Brahmin woman's house with goose berries made of gold. Since then the stotra composed by Shankarachary is known as Kanak Dhara Stotra.
Benefits of reciting Kanakdhara Stotra - The following are the benefits of reciting Kanakdhara stotra -
> The goddess is pleased with the person and blesses him with wealth.
> The person no longer remains poor.
> The person leads a happy and prosperous life.
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