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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

(6.6.11) Sunapha Yog / Sunpha Yog in astrology

Sunapha Yog / What is Sunpha Yog ? How is Sunafa Yog formed ? Result of Sunapha Yog / Effects of Sunapha Yog / सुनफा योग 

What is Sunapha Yog -
Sunpha Yog is an auspicious Yog in the birth chart of the person. This Yog produces good and positive results in the life of the native.
How is Sunpha Yog formed -
Sunfa Yog is formed when in the second house from Moon, there is any of the following five planets i.e. Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra and Shani but there should be no planet in the twelfth house from Moon.
Result or effect of Sunapha Yog -
- If there is Mangal (Mars) in the second house from Moon, the person will be courageous, wealthy and full of vigour.
- If Yog Karak (Yog forming) planet is Budh (Mercury), the person is clever, witty, good at music, poet, orator, eloquent and good looking.
- If Yog Karak planet is Guru (Jupiter), the person is wealthy, famous and wise.
- If Yog Karak planet is Shukra (Venus), the person has attractive personality, has vehicles, has his own house.
- If Yog Karak planet is Saturn, the person is the head of the family or the community, courageous, clever and intelligent.
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