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Friday, November 25, 2016

(14.3.20) Favourite flowers of gods and goddesses

What are the favourite flowers of Hindu gods and goddesses ? देवी -देवताओं के प्रिय पुष्प 

Flowers are the part and parcel of the Hindu Pooja. But some flowers are considered more favourite and dearer to the particular god or goddess. The following is list of different gods and goddesses and their favourite and dear flowers -
Lord Shiva - The favourite flowers of Lord Shiva are -
Aak, Shankhpushpi, kaner, chameli, palas, khas, tagar, naagkesar, maulsiri, kaas, dhatoora etc.
Lord Vishnu - The favourite flowers of Lord Vishnu are -
Kamal, maalati, maulaashree, asok, champa, joohee, kadamb, chamalee, kevaraa etc.
Durga - The favourite flowers of goddess Durga are -
Ashok, Maadhavee, kevaraa, gudhal, amaltaash etc.
Lord Ganesh - Lord Ganesh is pleased with the red coloured flowers. Green durvaa grass is very dear to Lord Ganesh.
Saraswarti - White coloured flowers are offered to goddess Saraswati.
Goddess Lakshmi - Lotus flower is very dear to Goddess Lakshmi.

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