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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(14.10.3) Krishna Mantra to remove calamitous

Benefits of chanting Krishna Mantra / How to remove misfortune ? अनिष्ट नाश के लिए कृष्ण के कौनसे मंत्र का जप करें ?

The following Mantra is related to Lord Krishna -
Om namo bhagavate tasmai krishnaayaakunthmedhse.
Sarv vyaadhi vinaashaay prabho maamritam kridhi.
ॐ नमो भगवते तस्मै कृष्णायाकुण्ठमेधसे।
सर्व व्याधि विनाशाय प्रभो माममृतं कृधि।
When to chant this Krishna Mantra ?
When you get up in the morning, chant this mantra three times without speaking to anyone. Then after having a bath sit on an Asan made of wool or Kusha grass, face east or north and chant the mantra 540 times or 756 times or 1188 times daily.
How many times should this mantra be chanted in all ?
For full benefit chant this mantra 56100 times following the practical hints for chanting..
What are the benefits of chanting this Mantra ? 
The chanting of this mantra -
- makes the person happy.
- removes the calamities.
- removes misfortune and evils.
- makes the person free from anxieties.
- fills the life with positive thoughts.
- removes the negativity.
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