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Monday, April 24, 2017

(8.3.13) Shashti Devi Stotra for getting a good son

Benefits of reciting Shashti devi stotra /  Remedy to have a good son

Who is Shashti Devi -
Goddess Shashti Devi is the Manas Putri of Lord Brahma and is the consort of Skand. She is also known as Devsena. It is believed that Shashti Devi always remains present near the babies and protects them from evil things.
Shashti Devi Stotra / What is Shashti Devi Stotra -
Shasti Devi Stotra is a hymn and prayer through which the devotees request to Shashti Devi to bless them with children and to protect their children if they already have any.
Benefits of Shashti Devi Stotra / Importance of Shashti Devi Stotra -
As shashti Devi is very much fond of children, she loves, saves and protects them from all the evil things. She blesses the devotees to have good children.
If a childless person recites or listens to this Shashtidevi Stotra at least seven times daily for one year, is sure to get a healthy, good and wise son.
If a barren woman recites or listens to this Stotra, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a good, brave, healthy and renowned son.
If a Kakbandhya woman ( the woman who gives birth only one child and after that she does not get pregnant) listens or recites this Stotra for one year, she , by the grace of Shashtidevi, gets pregnant and gives birth to a child.
If the parents listen or recite this stotra daily, their children do not suffer from any serious disease and remain healthy by the grace of Shashti Devi.
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