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2. About us

ASTROLOGY,MUHURAT/ MUHURTA  & SPIRITUALITY                                         
( JYOTISH, VEDIC JYOTISH ,SPRITIUAL REMEDIES )                                                        
Welcome to the most comprehensive, unique, meaningful, billingual and multipurpose website “” which provides the information and material related to the Muhurats (the auspicious time), Astrology, Spirituality, Remedy for the day to day problems and much more for the benefit of the people in general with the hope that the visitors to this site will find it very useful and feel contented with the contents.

We are an astrological back ground family. We have been practicing Vedic Jyotish since our forefather's time. At present Jagdish Chandra Pandey is expert at karm kand, Muhurta and puja of every kind,
 K G pandey calculates muhurats and writes articles on the topic related to astrology,  spirituality, inspiration and motivation. 
 S.N.  pandey is national level Vastu shastri and Horary astrologer.
 R.P. pandey is also a national level Horary astrologer and vastu shatri.  He practices vedic astrology as well as  KP system. He replies on line to the queries of different persons belonging to different countries of the world. 
Niroopam Pandey has always been cooperative. With his positive cooperation this site has come into being.  
C G pandey, the youngest member of the team, is intelligent and has Bachelor's degree in computer science.He  gives technical  advice. He has designed and  created this website. Without his guidance nothing could be done.
Anurag Pandey is an advocate who gives us legal advice.                 

To make this website more useful we have given different articles on different topics which are of great interest to people in general. The main sections are (1) Muhurta (2) Vedic Astrology (3) Spirituality (4) Remedial measures (5) Inspiration (6) Religion etc. 
        Under the section "Muhurt" we have given the tables showing the auspicious time for starting or performing your work or event.
     we have also given some popular muhurats such as Abhijit Muhurta, Choghadia muhurta, Swyam Siddh muharta  Sadhe teen muhurats etc.
      Under the section 'Astrology" we have  given some selected topics about which people in general have confusion and misconception.
 Under the section Spirituality we have given the articles which emphasize on the development of the good qualities of an individual. It is hoped that they will brighten the personality of the persons who practice them.
   Under the section remedies the visitors to this site will find different upay or spiritual remedies for their every day problems of their life. Some of the problems are ailments, ill destiny, adverse running of business, family troubles, delay in marriage, disputes etc.
O, Almighty God  
From darkness lead me to light
From ignorance lead me to knowledge
From death lead me to immortality
Let there be peace, peace and only peace.

 This site is dedicated to shri Jagdish Pandey with whose blessings we have been able to create this site and reach the destination where we are now.
Contact to K G Pandey at 
kgpastromuhurat[at] (Replace [at] => @)

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