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14. Religion

(14.1) Hindu gods and goddesses

(14.1.1) Lord Ganesh, Ganesh Mantras and Ganesh Stotras
(14.1.2) Ganesh Mantra / Ganesh Stotra Jap Process
(14.1.3) Ganesh Gayatri Mantra (For health, success, happiness and peace)
(14.1.4) Twelve names of Lord Ganesh ( For success &to remove obstacles)
(14.1.5) Offering Durva to Ganesh
(14.1.6) Ganesh Stotra ( For getting a good son)
(14.1.7) Ganesh Stotra / Ganapati Stotra (For removing calamities and achieving goal
(14.1.8) Ganesh Stotra (For removing obstacles and getting success)
(14.1.9) Ganesh Aarti
(14.1.10) How to please Lord Ganesh
(14.1.11) Ganesh Stotra for debt relief / Rin Mukti Stotra 
(14.1.12) How to worship Lord Ganesh (Ganesh Puja Vidhi)
(14.1.13) Ganesh Prayer ( For happiness and getting desires fulfilled)
(14.1.14) Sansar Mohan Ganesh Kavach
(14.2) Hanuman
(14.2) Hanuman (Some facts , Mantras,Stotras etc.)
(14.2.1) Twelve names of Hanuman (for getting success in every effort)
(14.2.2) The Birth of Hanuman ji
(14.2.3) Hanuman Mantra for getting safety and protaction
(14.2.4) Hanuman Chalisa / Importance or benefits of Hanuman Chalisa
(14.2.5) Hanuman Chalisa as Remedial measure/Uses of Hanumanchalisa
(14.2.6) Why is Vermilion applied to Hanuman 
(14.2.7) Hanuman Gayatri Mantra (for getting peace, prosperity and protection)
(14.2.8) Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak)
(14.2.9) Hanumat Stavan for getting the blessings of Hanuman ji
(14.2.10) Hanuman Mantra for progress and good results 
(14.2.11) Hanuman Mantra for removing sorrow and enmity

(14.3) Articles on Religion ( Religious articles )
(14.3.1) Panchdev / Five Gods in Hinduism
(14.3.2) Twenty four Avatara (incarnations ) of Vishnu:
(14.3.3) Samudra Manthan and Ratna
(14.3.4) Ten Characteristics of Dharma 
(14.3.5) Eight Siddhis / Asht Siddhi
(14.3.6) Charanamrit / Why Charanamrit is taken
(14.3.7) Hindu Gods and their Vehicles /Vahan
(14.3.8) Om / Aum (Importance of Om in Hinduism)
(14.3.9) Smarta / Smartha and Vaishnava Sampraday
(14.3.10) Kusha Grass
(14.3.11) Descent of Ganga
(14.3.12) Hindu Symbols
(14.3.13) What to do and whom to worship during Navratra
(14.3.14) Holy trees and plants in Hinduism
(14.3.15) Folk gods of Rajasthan / Folk deities of Rajastha(
(14.3.16) Glossary of Hindu culture and customs
(14.3.17) Festivals and Vrat during Chatur Maas
(14.3.18) Bilva Partra /Benefits of offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva 
(14.3.19) Tulsi Plant / Importance of Tulsi 
(14.3.20) Favourite flowers of  gods and goddesses

(14.4) Goddess Durga
(14.4) Durga, the goddess of power and strength
(14.4.1) Durga Mantra for various purposes 
(14.4.2) Kumari Puja / Kanya Poojan during Navratra
(14.4.3) Nav Durga / Nine forms of Durga
(14.4.4) Durga prayer for getting her blessings

(14.5) Goddess Lakshmi
(14.5.1) Mahalakshmyashtakm Stotra
(14.5.2) Ashta Lakshmi
(14.5.3) Kanak Dhara Stotra benefits
(14.5.4) Shri Sukt / Benefits of Shree Sukt 

(14.6) Lord Shiva 
(14.6.1) Shiva Gayatri Mantra for getting Lord Shiva's blessings
(14.6.2) Shiva Panchakshar Stotra for Lord Shiva's blessings, happiness & Peace)
(14.6.3) Shiva Tandava Stotra

(14.8) Articles related to Jainism
(14.8.1) Twenty four Tirthankars
(14.8.2) Jain Festivals / List of Jain Festivals
(7.2.15) Teachings of Jain Religion / Jainism
(8.2.24) Shree Padmavati Mantra for getting desires fulfilled and for financial gain
(8.2.26) Namokar Mantra
(10.4.2) Mahaveer Jayanti
(14.8.3) On the eve of Mahavir Jayanti

(14.9) Different Mantras, Shlokas etc. 
(14.9.1) Ramrakshastotra / Benefits of Ramrakshastotra
(14.9.1/1) Katyayani Mantra for a good and desired husband
(14.9.2) Vishnu sahastranam /Benefits of Vishnu Sahastranam stotra
(14.9.3) Narayan Kavach / Benefits of Narayan Kavach
(14.9.4) Ram Mantra for removing calamities
(14.9.5) Padmavati Mantra for progress in business
(14.9.6) Padmavati Mantra for getting ambitions fulfilled
(14.9.7) Padmavati Mantra for getting a good son
(14.9.8) Padmavati Mantra for getting money and prosperity
(14.9.9) Ram Mantra for wealth and prosperity
(14.9.10) Ram Mantra for happiness and happiness
(14.9.11) Different names of Arjun for removing the illness of the animals

(14.10) Lord Krishna
(14.10.1) Om Namo Bhagawate Vaasudevaay - Benefits
(14.10.2) Krishna Gayatri Mantra and its benfits 
(14.10.3) Krishna Mantra to remove calamitous

(14.11) Lord Ram 
(14.11.1) Benefits of  " Raam Raameti Raameti Rame Raame Manorame."
(14.9.9) Ram Mantra for wealth and prosperity
(14.9.10) Ram Mantra for happiness and happiness
(14.9.4) Ram Mantra for removing calamities
(14.9.1) Ramrakshastotra / Benefits of Ramrakshastotra
(14.11.2) Ram Mantra for getting His blessings

(14.12) Sun god (Surya Dev)
(14.12.1) Powerful Mantra of Sun god
(14.12.2) Twelve names of Sun god according to twelve months 
(14.12.3) Surya Mantra (stuti) to remove bad effects of bad dreams

(14.13) Lord Vishnu 
(14.13.1) Vishnu Gayatri Mantra and its benefits
(14.13.2) Om Namo Naaaraayanaay (Vishnu Mantra for health, wealth, honor)
(14.13.3) Vishnu Shodash Naam Stotra recitation benefits

(14.14) Folk deities
(14.14.1) Folk deities / Folk gods and goddesses
(14.14.2) List of Folk gods of Rajasthan 

(14.15) Goddess Sarswati
(14.15.1) Sarswati Mantra for getting success in interview 
(14.15.2) Sarswati Mantra Jap Vidhi / Sarswati Mantra Jap process 

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