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9. Knowledge

9-1 General Knowledge
9-1-1 National Symbols of India
9-1-2 Know What Doctors Write
(9.1.3) The List of the Prime Ministers of India 
(9.1.4) Article 370 / Dhara 370
(9.1.5) Important days of the year
(9.1.6) What are the seven colours of the Rainbow 

(9.2) Learn English
(9.2.1) Why to learn English / Importance of English
How to learn English (Various topics on English Grammar)
Difference between words (to remove confusion)
Grammar (Topics related to English Grammar in detail)  
Mixed topics related to English language

(9.3) Knowledge about Rajasthan
(9.3) Rajasthan General Knowledge (GK) for Competitive Exams.

(9.4) Knowledge about various fields

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